General Questions

What is EasyPrint?

EasyPrint is an algorithm-driven printing startup, focused on delivering affordable yet high quality print products in Asia.

Where is EasyPrint based at?

We are based in Singapore.


What are Pantone Colours?

The Pantone color system is a numbering system used to identify and match colors. Pantone colors are standardized colors that are able to be referenced and replicated exactly. Using Pantone colors allows designers, manufacturers and printers to reference specific Pantone colors. This allows them to ensure consistent color matching and precision across all printed collateral. There are many Pantone palettes for use in a variety of specific industries (e.g. Pantone Process Palette, Pantone Textile Palette and Pantone Plastics Palette) containing nearly 10,000 colors. The most commonly referenced Pantone palette is the Pantone Solids Palette, which contains 1,114 colors.

What is bleed and why do I need it?


When any image, background or element in the artwork touches the edges of the page, a bleed is required to be applied. When you extend the artwork beyond the edge, bleed is thus applied.

Why Bleed is Required

After printing production has been done, it will be sent to be trimmed to the required size. When stacking all the paper together, there might be slight misalignment of the artwork on each layer of paper, and trimming might cause the white edge of paper to be shown. With bleed applied, there will be no white edge of paper shown after trimming


Do you sell custom printed lanyards?

Yes we do! We currently offer different types of lanyards, namely:

Can we have a photo of printed sample before mass production?

We will print all lanyards, exactly as per artwork that was previously confirmed. Nevertheless, if required, we will send photo of printed lanyard once available.


How do I make an order?

Just make your order online at www.easyprintsg.com and our Sales Team will contact you on your order.


These are the ordering steps:

Step 1: Browse our catalogue.

Step 2: Check prices by keying in the product specifications and clicking "Get Price".

Step 3: When you are ready, click "Add to Enquiry".

Step 4: Our friendly Sales Team will liaise with you regarding your order.

Step 5: Once artwork has been confirmed, you may choose to pay via Bank Transfer or Paypal!


Are you GEBiz registered? Are you able to do e-invoicing?

Yes, we are registered on GEBiz, and we are familiar with the e-invoice processes!

What payment options do you accept?

We accept bank transfer, online payment options like Paypal, as well as cheque payments.