Customised Umbrellas for Corporate Gifts

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Looking for high-quality umbrellas customised corporate gifts? Check out our options below!

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Why ConsiderUmbrellas as Your Next Corporate Gift Item?

We give you solid reasons why you should consider handling our custom-printed umbrellas as corporate gifts.

Practicality and Versatility

Umbrellas are a practical and versatile corporate gift item. They offer protection against rain and sun, making them useful in various weather conditions in Singapore. Recipients can use them during their daily commute, outdoor events, or simply keep them in their car or bag for unexpected weather changes.

Brand Visibility and Awareness

By choosing umbrellas as corporate gifts, you can increase your brand visibility and awareness. The large surface area of an umbrella provides ample space for printing your company logo, personalised message, or unique design. Whenever recipients use the umbrella with your company logo or signature design, it showcases your brand to a wide audience.

Long-lasting and Useful Gift

Umbrellas are durable and long-lasting, ensuring that your corporate gift will be used for a long time. Unlike some promotional items that may be quickly discarded, umbrellas serve a practical purpose and are likely to be kept by recipients. This longevity ensures continued exposure to your brand.

Wide Appeal

Customised umbrellas have a wide appeal and can be appreciated by recipients of all ages and backgrounds. Whether it's for employees, clients, or business partners, umbrellas are a universal gift that can be used by anyone. They are suitable for both professional and personal use, making them a versatile choice.

Symbol of Care and Thoughtfulness

Gifting umbrellas can convey a sense of care and thoughtfulness towards your recipients. It shows that you value their well-being and want to provide them with a useful item that can enhance their daily lives. This gesture can help strengthen relationships and leave a positive impression on recipients.

Consider the practicality, brand visibility, longevity, wide appeal, and symbolic meaning of umbrellas when choosing them as your next corporate gift item. By giving customised umbrellas, you can offer a useful and thoughtful gift that promotes your brand and leaves a lasting impression on recipients.

What to Look out for When Choosing Umbrellas as Corporate Gifts?

These are the factors you need to take into account before choosing the right umbrella to customise as a gift for colleagues, employees, and customers or clients.

Durability and Quality

When choosing umbrellas as a corporate gift, look for ones that are durable and made with high-quality materials. A sturdy frame and a strong canopy will ensure that the umbrella can withstand various weather conditions and last for a long time.

Compact and Portable

When choosing umbrellas as a corporate gift, consider those that are compact and easy to carry. Look for designs that fold down to a small size and come with a matching storage pouch or case. This feature makes it convenient for recipients to carry the umbrella in their bags or briefcases without taking up much space.

Wind Resistance

Check for umbrellas that are designed to be wind-resistant. Look for features like a vented canopy or a reinforced frame that can withstand strong winds. Wind-resistant umbrellas provide added stability and prevent the canopy from flipping inside out during gusty weather.

Brand Customisation Options

Choose umbrellas with customisation options to showcase your brand. Look for umbrellas that allow for printing your company logo, name, or message on the canopy. This helps create a personalised gift that promotes your brand effectively.

Size and Coverage

Consider the size and coverage of the customised umbrellas you choose as corporate gifts. Look for umbrellas with a wide canopy that can provide ample coverage from rain or sun. The size should be suitable for both individual use and for sharing with others if needed.

When selecting umbrellas as custom gifts, pay attention to the durability, compactness, wind resistance, brand customisation options, and size and coverage. These factors will ensure that you choose umbrellas that are practical, long-lasting, and aligned with your branding goals.

Why Order Customised Umbrellas for Corporate Gifts from EasyPrint?

When it comes to finding a wholesale corporate gift supplier in Singapore that provides high-quality printing, you can always trust our team at EasyPrint. Our professionals make sure that we bring the customised umbrella design you envision to life so that not only can you market your business but also strengthen your relationships with your colleagues, employees, and clients.

Our reputation is built on delivering quality, innovation, and exceptional customer service. Moreover, we offer a vast catalogue of unique corporate gift items, which you can order in bulk. Explore our collection of gift items, including customised umbrellas, customised luggage tags, cap printing, and more. 

At EasyPrint, we are committed to fostering lasting corporate relationships through thoughtful gift-giving. Trust us to make your corporate gifting experience seamless and memorable.

How to Order

At EasyPrint, we've streamlined the process of ordering customised umbrellas. Here's a simple guide to placing your order online:

  1. Choose the item that piques your interest.
  2. Add your selected items to your quote list.
  3. Submit your order to us.

Once you've completed these steps, we'll promptly provide you with a no-obligation quote.

Accepted Payment Methods

When ordering customised umbrellas from us online, we offer a variety of convenient payment options. You can make payments through iBanking, by cheque, via PayPal, or with a credit card.

Delivery Costs for Customised Umbrellas

For our custom umbrellas, we provide complimentary one-time delivery within Singapore. If you require additional deliveries for subsequent orders, please get in touch with us to discuss the applicable delivery fees.

Tracking Your Customised Umbrella Corporate Gift Delivery

For deliveries within Singapore, our designated courier will directly communicate with you to provide timely updates on the status of your delivery.

Estimated Delivery Times of Our Customised Umbrellas

We are committed to providing efficient services to our customers in Singapore. That’s why when you order, we have a lead time of 8-10 working days from the confirmation of artwork, depending on the size of the umbrella. Moreover, please keep in mind that the delivery time may also differ and is based on the quantity of your order.

Why order Umbrellas from EasyPrint?

Choose EasyPrint, the leading and trusted corporate gift supplier in Singapore, for umbrellas and all your business gifting needs. 

Our reputation is built on delivering quality, innovation, and exceptional customer service. With an extensive range of unique and customisable items, we ensure your corporate image shines through. 

EasyPrint's commitment to fostering lasting relationships through thoughtful gifting helps you leave a lasting impression. Trust us to make your corporate gifting experience seamless and memorable.

How to order?

Ordering umbrellas from us is easy and hassle-free!

For gifts with instant prices available, you can order and pay for them immediately online via our streamlined checkout process. 

Otherwise, simply select the items that you’re interested in, add them to your quote list and submit to us, and we’ll get back to you shortly with a non-obligatory quote!